Evaluation Q6

What was the Prelim about?

The preliminary task involved making a short video using the different camera techniques we have taught as well as adapting the continuity rules in the video. The story line involved a person walking into a classroom having a little chat with the other person and walking out back again. In the time we had to show off everything we have learned from sir for example, using eye-line match to show what the character was looking at. One example from the prelim was that when the main character is opening the door knob we have a eye-line match.

Why were you asked to complete the prelim?

We were asked to complete the prelim in order to get ready for making our thriller. The task checked our overall knowledge about the different use of camera work used for affect as well as the continuity rule in order to present the film professional. In opinion carrying out the prelim task really helped me to gains some knowledge about different camera movement and angle. This helped me to implant my knowledge from the prelim task to my real thriller opening.

What did you learn from the task?

  • How to apply the continuity rule in a media product
  • How to use different camera work to portray something
  • Team work
  • Discussion
  • editing with final cut pro
  • using a camera effectively
  • time-how to complete a task within the time limit
  • planning- the props, costume and other thing that will be used in the filming process

How did it help you in the thriller opening work? 

The prelim task helped us to become organised such as planning. For example, to shoot the prelim task we only had one lesson. In the time given we filmed our filming and the end product turned out really well. That one lesson helped us to be precise about the time while filming and encouraged us to finish the filming int he given time. We also learned some team work technique. For example, when our group were working together, we listened to each others suggestion and discussed every step of the way to create a really good outcome. Thankfully for the thriller task, we had the same group which made us reunite and work together to produce a good piece of opening thriller.

Moreover, the prelim task also helped us understand how the camera work and continuity technique could be implanted in a video successfully. We gained some knowledge about how we can use these technique to create a really good prelim video. We also learned how to use the final cut pro software to help us edit our work to produce a piece work that we wanted. We used techniques such as blade were you can cut unnecessary part in the clip, the trip, were you can trip parts if your video and transition and colour to create affects. We also learned how to add music to go with the whole video.

How difficult it s to make 2 minutes of the film?

It was very difficult to make the 2 minute of the film. Even though the 2 minute sounds very less, the amount if work involved making making that 2 minute perfect and worthy.  We shot more than 50 scenes and used the best one to create the opening and the time put in editing was very long. Sometimes the length of the video is 3 minute and this happened to one of the group, we were told to cut some bits so it fits the time structured for the filming.

Preliminary vs Final Product

Similarities between the prelim task and my opening:


  • The similarities was that we had to make a 2 min video. The prelim task we did before making the thriller opening was less then 2 min. Both were short video.
  • The group was the same. When we made the prelim task we had the same group and for making the thriller opening we had the same group which i was very happy about.

Your skill:

  • Used basic technique such as camera work we used for the prelim was the same as the final product but we used the basic technique more often in the final product.
  • The editing techniques were the same but again used it more often then the prelim task.
  • Group working skill was very similar because we had the same group therefore it was challenging to form that bond again.

Technical aspect:

  • We used the same camera for both product which was very helpful because we didn’t struggle to learn about how to use the camera.
  • We used the same editing tool which was final cut pro. This was also helpful as we were pro when it came to editing for the final product.

Differences between my prelim task and final product:

The task:

  • The preliminary was very straight forward as we had a clear structure where as the thriller opening was a bit challenging due to how long the product was (2 min).
  • The story line was differ to the final product. In the prelim task we had a simple story line outlined for us by the teacher. This was easy because we knew what we were doing. But for the final product, we had to decide the story line as well as where and how we were going to film the opening.

Your skill:

  • We used more challenging shot types when we were filming the thriller opening such as POV shot.
  • Editing was also different because even though we have already had a good understanding of the final cut pro. When it came to editing for the final product we had to use more advanced skills in order to perfect the editing for the final product.
  • We used more communication skill in comparison to the prelim task because the filming process for the final product was longer then the prelim therefore we had to use new technology like snap chat and whats-up to plan for our filming.

Technical aspects:

  • The scenery and setting was completely different in comparison to the prelim task as the prelim task took place in school (in doors) where as the final product we did the filming outside school in a charity shop and street.

13 Reasons why?

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) finds a shoe box of cassette tapes from Hannah (Katherine Langford), a classmate he had a crush on that had committed suicide two weeks ago. On tape, Hannah explains that each tape explains how 12 students played a role in her death,  this drama series based on the book by Jay Asher.

To add to my research about thriller, i have asked three of my friends to give their review about the show 13 Reasons Why? I did this so i can find out what thriller effect they’ve came across when they watched the show as well as to conclude whether this show will be classified as a thriller.

Image result for 13 reason whyRelated imageRelated image

Review by Tula:

” In my opinion, I felt very uncomfortable watching this show, because I felt that it glorified suicide, as a person that enjoys thriller, I enjoyed the overall thriller atmosphere in every single scene when the tapes ended I wanted to know what will happen next, who is the next person on the tapes? which created tension, and I would definitely recommend this shows for a taste of thriller”

Review by Ola:

” The show 13 Reasons Why? fits the thriller genre. Studying As media and studying about thriller and studying thriller films, I would strongly recommend this show to people who are thriller film lovers. The first time I watched the show, I thought is was boring and it was confusing too. But as I starting watching episode by episode the tension in the show gripped me. The enigma that the show leaves at every end of tapes, attracted me and made me watch the next episode with pause. I am looking forward for the season 2 come out.”

Related image

Review by Deeqa:

” Am not a big fan of thriller movies or shows but the this show is amazing. When people recommended me to watch this film, I thought to my self why there is so much hype for this show. After hearing lot of people saying lot of good thing about the show, the excitement also gripped me. When i watched the very first episode, the show just blew my mind away. The story line is very simple but there was something that it made the show stand out. The scene when Clay experiences the hallucination about Hannah being around him and him visiting places that she has allocated also added the enigma because for a moment it makes the audience that Hannah is alive but the next minute you realize that its all Clay’s hallucination. The show it self has lot of tension and surprises which reveals when you watch the upcoming episode. For example, when Clay’s get the tapes, i wondered to myself his the good guy and he helped Hannah through her ups and down then why did she include him int he tapes. This information is  reveled when she states she admired Clay but she did not want to make his life harder by being with him. I would strongly recommend this show for everyone as it also has a social message about bullying and what effect it could have on that individual.”

The overall review on 13 Reasons Why shows that the show adapts to the thriller genre. From my perspective I believe that the thriller features on the show is based on the tapes that Hannah Baker has left. It grips the audience tension because they are looking for the next person on the row on the tapes and what they did wrong which contributed to Hannah suicide.

Image result for 13 reason whyRelated image

Discussing about Titles with Mr Guest

The lesson with Mr Guest was very helpful as it showed us the different ways we can create effects on the title to expose some features of the film to the audience. He explained about what different fonts will create effects based on thriller as we told to make a thriller opening as a course work. He told us what colour might be effective bring out thriller effects on the titles we will be creating soon after.

In the following picture I will be reflecting some of the Knowledge that I have gained from Mr Guest’s class. I will be analysing a thriller title to show what effects on the title that created the thriller effect on the audience.
Image result for jaw mvoie title thriller

First of all the colour used within the title section is mainly focused on two primary colour which is red and blue. The connotation of red colour is always seen as danger, love, blood, devil, warning and death. The use of the colour represents that the film will have something to do with blood, danger and death. This is certain because the shark on the title, has its mouth open wide pointing at the innocent person swimming on the sea. This will automatically make the audience think that the shark’s going to eat the woman.

The colour blue connotes with sea, wisdom, sky, heaven, pure, calming and truth. In this case the colour blue in the title is related with sea. So the audience will automatically get the impression of the film being related with sea. The connotation of sea is seen as deep, death and drowning. In this case audience seeing this poster for the first, they would have the impression of the film relating to sea.

Image result for jaws

The fact that the word ‘JAWS’ font is made capital as well as in red shows that this movie is linked with biting and blood. The title ‘JAWS’ and the shark showing its jaw shows the audience that the antagonist is going to be the animal which will be eating human being who swims in the sea. The ward Jaw is related with mouth, teeth and biting. The audience seeing this first impression will definitely relate this movie to thriller genre or horror. This impression would influence the audience to definitely watch the film in the cinema to find out what influenced the shark to eat the humans swimming in the sea.

Image result for jaws

Thirteen – BBC show

Image result for bbc thirteenImage result for bbc thirteenImage result for bbc thirteen

Thirteen is a thriller/drama sub genre based series. It is published on BBC i player. The series have 5 episode which is the saddest thing because the series is very catchy and I was looking for the next part then realized episode 5 is the last episode for the series. The story line of the series Thirteen is that, this girl called Ivy Moxam, she gets kidnapped when she was 13 years old. She was kept in a cellar for 13 years when she eventually run away from the kidnapper at the age of 26 and she seeks help police. She is then brought back to the police station to take DNA test to confirm if it was Ivy Moxam. All the test became positive and proves that it was Ivy Moxam.

Ivy then was handed back to her parents who were separated but are together now for Ivy. The whole story was about finding who kidnapped Ivy and what intention he had behind the kidnapping. This is when hints of clues revealed some information about the kidnapper. Ivy refuses to share true information about the kidnapper because she was manipulated by the kidnapper that if she ever said a word abut what she was going through, everyone will hate her.  This is when the police finds out about the kidnapper’s step brothers murder and falsely assumed Ivy helped the kidnapper with the murder. When she gets agitated and frustrated by police officer for  taking her to investigation, she opens up the truth to her mother who helped her emotionally overcome what she was going through.

Image result for ivy moxam and mark white

When this was happening the kidnapper kidnapped another young girl to blackmail the police to hand over Ivy.  With courage to save the young girl, Ivy agrees to meet up with Mark White the kidnapper. When they meet up in the shopping center, White leaves the little girl and takes Ivy and escapes from the shopping mall. She was then taken to this abandoned house where she was kept. Mark White threatens her that if she ever was to run away, he will kill her and requests her to live a happy life with her. This is when she acts like she agrees to his conditions and tries to kill White and escape. From the fight they end up having when Ivy tries to kill White, the house gets caught in the fire, Ivy escapes from the house and Mark White dies.

The dramatic story line of this engages audience to keep watching the series. The thriller features that were used in the  series most is ENIGMA, no one knew why Ivy was lying about the kidnapper. This made me personally as a audience think why shes not opening up about the kidnapper as the police would  save her live and the little girl. This also made me think that, Ivy was helping the kidnapper to kidnap the little girl and divert the police so that they don’t catch White.

At this point, as I audience I truly thought that Ivy was playing games with the cops in order make White escape. But releasing what she was going through and that her childhood memories were destroyed, I felt sympathetic towards her. When White took Ivy I set edge on the edge of the chair thinking if anyone would save her such as the investigators who promised to Ivy’s parents that she would return home safely. The moment that the car chase began, the music created tension making the audience go into the actual filming and save Ivy from the cruel man.

When Ivy was taken to the abandoned house while her family members and cops searching for her. As a audience, I was almost involved with story and wanted help Ivy to escape from the police. When she points out the gun to Mark White, the dramatic moment where all the audience thought she would shoot him. It didn’t happen instead, he hit Ivy making her unconscious. The tension created here was very dramatic because, as audience we expected Ivy to run away from the house.

Image result for bbc thirteen

Evaluation Q4- Who are your target audience for the thriller opening?


The question 4 is about target audience. I have chosen different category such as gender and I have explained how it links in with my thriller opening. For example, the main character is a female. This, we particularly chose it so that it can be inspirational to many female who are out there unable to choose career like acting. This is because the community they have lived in has stereotyped acting as a bad thing.

The ICT I have used within this question is prezi. I have used  this to present my work neatly and east to access for people who are viewing my work.

Part 2 of the evaluation question: Audience feedback

Aisha Ahmed and Nayab

Evaluation Q3- What Media institution might distribute your product and why?

For this question we were asked to create a film poster for our thriller opening and talk about what media institution might distribute our films. This involved how our media product will be marketed such as using the social media and following the word of mouth. We also talked about how we would distribute our films, for example, holding a festival or preview before the actual release to get and whether our film will reach expected target audience.  We also had to talk about the target audience for our thriller opening. To answer this question I have used Prezi and postermywall.com to create the poster. I created the by myself and a key skill that I learned from creating the poster was about how to adapt the poster tot he theme of my opening thriller, because its about a book i wanted have a book in front of the poster, it was very struggling to find a poster template that had a book in front of the poster as well as adapt tot he thriller theme. But I was managed to get there at the end which I was very happy about.


Image result for postermywall